Monday, October 8, 2007

What Is Going On Here?

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A link was forwarded to me regarding a junk pile just barely within the county line. The property was not zoned for such a thing, but when the matter came up for a hearing the zoning board decided to grant the necessary exception, code or whatever the technical term is.
Since the debris is being stored in the flood plain, the arrangement may impact water quality in Ashland City and surrounding areas. Read more about it and post your comments here:

Prior to the zoning hearing, there were great big signs posted across the street and next to the property,inviting everyone to attend the zoning meeting and protest the rezoning of this "lovely" little spot.

Now every time I drive by, I try to see what I can see from the road. So far, no luck. I will look harder when the leaves fall off the trees. I can imagine that it is a real eyesore to the people on the other side of the river who can see it right now. How much is your view worth to you? How much is clean water worth to you? Debris in the floodplain affects not only the water supply but the wild life and vegetation that use that water supply. How much is that worth to you?

I would not ordinarily be described as a rabid environmentalist and I don't generally consider myself one. But this is one time when I can say that, while trying to keep an open mind about all possible aspects of the situation, it incenses me that people - not just one person - are soooo complacent to think that it is okay even for a little bit to allow this trash to just sit there. Recycle it and move it along, already.

While I am on the subject, it is really NOT okay to through your trash out the window of your car while you are driving along any number of our scenic roads here in Cheatham County. Yes, I know we have people to pick up, i.e. prisoners; but that's not the point. Picking up trash and debris is only one way they can pay their debt to society. There are plenty others. If they weren't so busy picking up trash, maybe they could helping to pull out those exotic invasives we all would like to get rid of.

I include throwing cigarettes in the littering issue. Those filters do not decompose, people. Not to mention the fire hazard a lit cigarette is. We're in a drought. Do you remember that we're in a drought? We have a 16"+ deficit in rain fall this year. All these lovely woods can go up in a split second. Keep the trash in your car until you can dispose of it properly. When you're not driving down the road.

And I really don't need all those empty bottles and bags across my easement either. Or the newspapers and morning coffee. I have plenty of my own. At home. In my trashcan. Where they belong. Thank you very much.

We live in a lovely place. God's own country. A beautiful, natural and mostly wild part of Middle Tennessee. Let's not continue to mess it up. Let your representatives know that you care about where you live.
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