Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So, How Was Your Day?

Do you know what you'll be eating this year? I do. Fresh, home grown organic produce. You can too. Just join us by becoming a shareholder in Mule Shoe Farm. Click here for the Agreement.

Today was a great day! Warm air, a little rain and there was enough time to work on the goat nursery. Yep. That's right. I'm going to be a goat granny. Duchess is quite well along in her pregnancy and Leslie told me last week, she would have kids soon. I could have made sure I knew when she got pregnant and then marked her due date on the calendar but that would have been too easy. Instead, she and Buddy have been shackin' up together and who knows when she got knocked up. But that's what we wanted. She'll be nursing her kids for awhile and then we'll have milk for the family. Can't wait.

Mary and Hannah came out to help. We picked up the many many sticks in the nursery. The pile was so tall we needed help to stand on top of it. We also made an opening in the fence for a gate and took apart two chain link panels to form the actual gate. Along the way, we discussed what first time farm visitors would need to hear. Hannah took home a math problem to work on and they'll be back on Thursday. We'll be working on putting up chicken wire inside the pen, so the newborns can't get stuck in the larger fence openings.

I've been working on a list of what seeds will be needed this year and a list of what to buy. I think I'll post the inventory on hand In the Basket soon. So, if you have requests or suggestions, please send them in.

We're taking a critical look at the structure of our forests. Trees, just like gardens need to be weeded and tended. They are on a different time scale because trees are not annuals. Duh. I know you know, but sometimes I have to say it out loud so I can get it. Trees require patience.

I've started to see a chiropractor and attended an informational session this evening. Would you believe that the chiropractor advised eating a sensible diet of organic food to maintain health? What do you know? I think this organic thing is catching on. Anyway, a few more people know about Mule Shoe Farm. I am excited about the opportunity to welcome new friends into our circle. Oh yeah, the chiropractor is a big help for me, too. He'll help keep me moving.

While the weather stays good, I'll be outside and working. Maybe tomorrow, I'll actually take pictures. Meanwhile, I am working on a multi-part piece all about growing potatoes. Look for it here.

And before I forget: I got my Valentine present early. He's furry and about 12 weeks old. We named him Lotlo:lu, which is Oneida for "he is watching." He is an Australian shepherd, blue heeler mix. Jimbo's taken to calling him Swiffer. Pictures will be forthcoming.
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