Friday, April 18, 2008

A Long Slow Spring

What a lovely spring we are having this year! The cool weather has been wonderful and it has helped our early spring crops grow - but not too fast. I cannot believe how beautiful it has been with everything slowly coming to life. You can really appreciate the various flowers and leaves of spring without fear of missing something when you blink.

This week I was hoping to have enough lettuce and other odds and ends to have shares for pickup. The cool nights this week, have challenged the lettuce considerably. It is smaller than would be expected at this time. We'll take a wait and see attitude here. Next week looks quite promising.

Here is what I expect to have in the shares next week - April 26: Collards, lettuce, chives, eggs, lemon verbena for your tea and yarrow for a sweet scent. Check out What's in the Basket for more complete descriptions later this week. Just a reminder: shareholders on a payment plan have payments due this Saturday, the 19th.

Things have been quite adventuresome in the last couple weeks. Duchess was mauled by a young coyote. Two dogs found new homes. Plants emerged from the ground. The chickens got a new home. Various wildflowers have been blooming and putting on quite a show. I see more this year than ever before. A consistent challenge has been to photograph everything going on here.

Everyone is invited to visit us on Saturdays at the Ashland City Open Air Market at the corner of Washington & Main Streets in Ashland City. Many farmers and craftspeople have booths for you to visit. Don't miss the "Pie Lady" or many of the other wonderful vendors there.
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