Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Send that Kid to School!

He has the perfect bored teen look down, doesn't he?
My son is modeling his bandana and sunglasses which he cannot wear at his school. I promised I would record every single potentially embarassing moment of his tweens and teens. This was not one of them but he was sooo cute this morning I couldn't resist.

Today was a picking day - a vegetable picking day. I pick vegetables down the road about a mile and half at our friends' place twice a week. I sell theirs and mine on Saturdays at the local Open Air Market. I have always been partial to okra blooms. Here's a good one.
Also picked squash blossoms for supper. Yes - fried and stuffed please.

I thought they were for a late breakfast. But my sweetie convinced me to get dressed up to take the garbage to the dump with him. Since we were all dressed up with no place to go, we decided to eat lunch in town at the Chinese buffet which has excellent sushi. Good day all around.
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