Sunday, March 23, 2008

Signs of Spring

The forsythia bushes at the corner
After Anabelle and Rock Lee were born, I really started to notice Spring around here. The weather also started to warm up a bit and I was more motivated to get outside.

The forsythia started to pop and periwinkles began to bloom. We are still early for daffodils, but I can see the buds beginning to swell. I expect to see a green haze in the woods very soon. If you live in Nashville and your stuff bloomed last week, don't worry, Mule Shoe Farm is right on schedule. The cool weather stays here a little longer in our cove. Our temperatures are less extreme and the changes more gradual. That's effect of the Cumberland River on our little piece of paradise.

My To Do list just exploded along with the change in season.
  • file taxes
  • build milking stanchion
  • build new compost piles
  • build goat shelter
  • clear weeds from raised beds
  • add compost to raised beds
  • plant raised beds
  • get out floating row covers
  • cover raised beds
  • wash down chicken house and feeders
  • move chicken furniture to new pen
  • put up garden fence
  • order chickens
  • build brooder boxes
  • declutter last year's market supplies
  • order business cards
  • make banner for market

And the list could go on, but at this point it gets a bit overwhelming.

So we start with the most pressing issues - like milking the goat and getting spring plants in. Oh yeah and &*()#% taxes.

I built a large part of the stanchion on a Friday afternoon with my son's help. There is still a head holder and hobble to be installed. Before you start wondering why I would want such things, remember that goats, like toddlers, don't like to be confined for any reason. They just KNOW something better is just over there. Great survival instinct. Bad milking time. Duchess is still a bit people adverse and has displayed a distinct dislike to having her udder touched by humans. But never fear. I got her number. The milking stanchion also gets a feed bucket and I can feed her grain ration while milking. Pretty soon she'll be loving it.

I also finished the new compost bins and have started to fill them.

A large portion of compost needs to be moved, but we are on our way.

It feels good to get outside and I sleep a lot more soundly after all that fresh air.

One more thing to mention. Shakers and Daisy need new parents. We simply have too many dogs and we want these two to go to good people.

Shakers is about 6 months old and a small dog with great intelligence. She is a cross between a rat terrier and Carolina cur. She would make a great house dog.

Daisy has been a house dog who is also comfortable outside. She will always be glad to see you and would be best in a yard with active older kids, say 9 or 10 and up. Free to good homes.

The Ashland City Open Air Market opens on April 12th provided the weather cooperates. Mule Shoe Farm will have shares ready the following week on April 19th.


Alan said...

Love the goats. Your milk stand looks great. I've got to build another one and a milking parlor this month. We still have 5 more does to freshen. Thanks for your comments when you visited our blog ( I'll keep watching your adventure. Seems to paralell ours quite closly. Your signs of spring look a lot more hopeful than anything happening here.



Ms. Anne - the farmer said...

Thanks Alan. You are welcome to enjoy our spring and then yours, too.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

And I thought I had been busy. Girl, you have got me beat!!! I also need to build a new milk stand , right now I only have one. OH, when you get through doing your %&*# taxes, you wanna come down and do mine? I know, I always wait till the last minute to do mine. But I have everyone lined up to do my chores next week so I can get everything done and take to my CPA. Spring is beginning to show up here as well. Hope you and yours have a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

Anne, you are amazing!
You are my inspiration.
Brenda Stacey-Scott

Ms. Anne - the farmer said...

Laura - still oding taxes. Had to refill out 1040 four X b/c I kept writing down the wrong nos. LOL I can't see straight!

Brenda - You are so sweet. I appreciate your support. And you are definately my hero.

ALL - stick around there'll be more where this came from. A week or so later and I still have many of the same things to accomplish and there is a song in the works!

Alan said...

You're very brave posting a ToDo lists. That's the scariest thing I have to face after taxes. Death isn't even in the running. (Still got more than a week, and death hasn't even set an appointment.) I've also got milking stands on my list, along with a milking parlor, and an exponentially increasing garden list. At least the grass is starting to green up here.

Ms. Anne - the farmer said...

Alan - Oh you know, just because it's on the list doesn't mean it will happen immediately. Life always interferes and all that. we'll see how well I do this year. I know taxes will get out on the 15th whether I want them to or not.

Alan said...

I may have to file an extension. I hate taxes, and other more important things (like new baby goats and blue berry bushes) keep getting in the way.

To quote a line from one of my favorite movies "DEATH FIRST!" is my philosophy about taxes. (the movie is "The Princess Bride" just in case you didn't recognize the quote. )(I'll stay off my political soap box, people like me better when I do.) If you have a moment you should come by and see Orphea's new baby.

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