Monday, May 5, 2008

The Pie Lady

The Pie Lady has been making fried pies for a really long time. Twenty years - she thinks. At first she only made them for her family. Usually she made apricot pies, but sometimes she made peach pies. She would make them when family and friends requested them.
One year, her daughter told her about an new Open Air Market in Ashland City. All Master Gardeners were invited to set up at the market and sell their plants and whatever else they were producing at home in their gardens. Her daughter wanted her mom to come with her. Mom didn't want to go because... why after all, she would not have anything to do. So her daughter suggested that she make some pies and bring them, just to see if they would sell at the market. She sold 20 pies in 30 minutes.

The Pie Lady comes to the market early on Saturday mornings. Those delicious fried pies are the first item sold out every time. She now makes four flavors of fried pies: apple, apricot, chocolate and peach. All of them are fantastic.

I eat breakfast so early on Saturday mornings, that by the time I get to market and get set up, I am ready for a snack. One of those delicious homemade fried pies really hits the spot. When the Pie Lady's grandchildren are there, you can often get a large cup of sweet tea to go with your pie. When you come to pick up your share or to visit your friends at the market, come early and see The Pie Lady.


Kate The Great said...

Oh my goodness, those sound really really good!

Ms. Anne said...

Kate the Great: Yup. They really are. I just saw the Pie Lady at the store this morning. She sahred this little known fact with me. She gets up at 5am on market day to make her pies. If it's pouring down rain at 5am, there'll be no pies that day.

Nancy C said...

If the Pie Lady is not at The Market on Saturday morning, it's not going to be a good market day--we love the Pie Lady.

Joanne said...

Thanks for featuring the Pie Lady we love her as well - the apricot pies are amazing but I have to be good and not have them every time.

Ms. Anne said...

@nancy c - you have a point there. we just try to do the best we can on those days.

@Joanne - but the pies are good, right? So if you eat them, are you not good? :> Oh well, I tried. It's good that you are so conscientious. Me, I have to work those pies off at the farm.

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