Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snacks that Subtract

apple by Aurimas Rimsa

I was poking around on the Internet while waiting for the washing machine to finish filling up. Guess what I found out. Some of my favorite snacks to keep on hand are good for helping you keep off extra weight. I though I would share this list with you.

  • Celery - takes more calories to digest than it provides and it will keep you feeling full.
  • Berries & apples - will help calm that craving for sugar, fill you up and help you eat less. Berries take more energy to digest than they give you and an apple before each meal will help you eat less.
  • Water - I know, duh. Not only do we drink water to help "fill" us up, but water helps our overall digestive process. And if you chiiillll your water, it will help you burn even more calories.

I'm kind of in list mode right now and we'll ride it out. Maybe I'll stumble upon the list to end all lists. Any ideas?


Barbee' said...

Hello, I found your link in a comment you left on Robert's Roost. I have read a few pages and have enjoyed it very much. I am located in Kentucky. I live in town, so don't have any farm adventures to write about. But, I sure do enjoy reading those of others'. Just wanted to say hello.

I'm just curious. If you ever find time to reply to this, don't feel that you have to, because I know you are dreadfully busy, but if you do... what caused the goats to die? That would be quite a terrible shock!

Ms. Anne said...

barbee': Hello and welcome. The goats died from a parasite overload. They did not have the usual symptoms until it was too late.

Pat Fitzhugh said...

Your article, "Snacks that Subtract," hits the nail right on the head; I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Many people don't realize that some foods, such as celery and berries, cause a negative caloric intake.

I learned about it 100 years ago (so it feels), when I was in college and decided to go on a diet. A friend gave me a recipe for "Peel-A-Pound Soup," which contained several different vegetables and, of course, celery.

The soup, combined with jogging 17 miles per day (after I worked up to it), caused me to lose 155 pounds in six months. I was a totally new person! Well, my friends didn't like the new me, so I started pigging out again, and now I'm fat again. But still, I know from experience that your advice re celery and berries is right on the money!

And by the way, some folks make the mistake of putting salt on their celery to season it. The extra sodium causes fluid retention, which means more weight.

I've enjoyed looking around your blog; it's really nice and your farm sounds great. I'll have to check it out sometime, as I live close by (very near River Rd. and Sam's Creek Rd.).

Thanks again for the great article!

alfaking said...

Very useful tips. I've justed started taking celery which forms part of a new regimen to keep fit.
Thanks for the insights.

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