Saturday, July 26, 2008

Useful Links

Lettuce & Broccoli bed in the spring.

Here are a handful of links I was looking at today after visiting the Open Air Market.

Preserving Herbs after the Harvest

Five Squash Blossom Recipes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Interesting information about Cucumbers plus a couple serving ideas

Super Carrot Raisin Salad

Pickled Peppers - hot &/or sweet

Arthur's Limericks


Alan said...

Great links! Good to see you back in the blogosphere! Knowing what to do with all the bounty is a challenge, Thanks!

Ms. Anne said...

Alan: It's good to be back. Feel free to repost the links as long as you include Mule Shoe Farm somewhere in that list. Thx. Anne

Alan said...

I always try to give credit. Don't know how you did it this summer. Mine got away from me and the children, goats, and home took presidents over the market. NOT good for the old wallet. Next year we will do better. Please keep blogging when you have time.

Sendacow said...

Great stuff, thanks for sharing. I'm also loving the blog too, keep up the good work! definitely think sustainability is the way forward! You may be interested in the work of Send a Cow - - We work with rural community groups in nine countries in Africa, providing small-scale farmers with the skills and means to feed their families and earn an income. It's all about helping to develop sustainable farming methods!

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