Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OMG - IT's Colder than A. . .

You finish the sentence. But you have to keep it clean. Please comment below.

Burning firewood in our two fireplaces and using a couple space heaters in this below freezing weather has shivered the following out of our timbers:

  • why didn't we cut this wood two months ago when it was warmer
  • 62 degrees is pretty balmy after walking around for a few hours in less than 55 degrees
  • hats are underrated
  • your feet will sweat in your nice warm socks even if the rest of you is freezing
  • speaking in Pirate makes even cold weather funny - Arrr, matey.


Anonymous said...

OMG! It's colder than a....night at my house after a "parental discussion"!

Ms. Anne said...

I'll remember to bring my Snuggie should that happen.

The Rodeo Princess said...

It's colder than pump handle in February.

AgrariNet said...

Here it is now wonderfully warm,

The Farmer Pages said...

compliment from my mother in-law.


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