Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feeding today

Today, Jewel, our youngest, fed the dogs around 11am. I noticed that Dora, Mercedes, & Carmel followed her out to Hoover's spot atthe old elm tree and then followed her back to the front porch. In the big pile of food for the puppies, Wodi & Dora, there was a quick order established. Wodi rolled Dora and then ate with the three youngest puppies: Carmel, Mercedes & Crystal. Dora sat a few feet away on the other side of the front door, ostensibly dozing on the porch.

When I say Wodi rolled Dora, that means she established her dominance by standing over Dora while Dora rolled over an exposed her belly. Since this was a food situation, it is more likely that Wodi snarled at Dora. I actually didn't see the action, but heard the quick yelp and observed Dora sitting by herself.

In about ten minutes, the puppies and Wodi were done feeding. About half the food was still on the porch for later and Dora had moved off to somewhere else.

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